Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pssst. Write It. Nobody Will Read it Anyway!!!

Hi. Hello. 

Thanks for stopping by. At the risk of trying to sound like a Mr. Rogers poser, I'll forgo the niceties and tell you, I care about you as much as you care about me. I'm here for the money, the fame, the glory, and all the things I could be or have.

Okay, now that we have all that feel good bull shit out of the way, let me actually begin.

As this is my first blog and an introduction to me and who I am, here's a brief description that you will all skip because you really don't care about it:

 I'm Kors Rex. I grew up an over privileged, ungrateful, outspoken, temper tantrum throwin', manipulatin', controversy startin',class clownin', prank doin', outdoors loving, gun toting, motorcycle riding, fun loving, loyal, defensive, offensive, analytical, calculating, midget loving, and above all, a T-Rex arm syndromed little shit. Let's be honest...not much has changed.

The topic that is SO pressing my heart today, (I might have forgotten, 'over dramatic' up there^^) is objectification of sex, sexes, and if you have been fortunate enough, (or unfortunate enough) to have been objectified by an extraterrestrial....well, then...I guess that could be tugging at my tender little heart strings as well!!!

There seems to be an overwhelming misunderstanding in the dating world. As I am 100% certain that my observations, surmises, and solutions of the situation are far more superior than that of any of the great philosophers, or many doctors that precede me, I am quite sure that I will be able to rectify it all in this blog. IF ONLY everyone in the world would just read it. You can do your part to rid the world of these poisonous relationshits by sharing this. 

Let's get down to it. Relationshits. They suck. Who hasn't had the damned Dyson Ball vacuum of a friend, lover, or parent? You know the type? The person that you are around that always needs to be talking about themselves. Their sub par accomplishments, their over exaggerated hardship of having to drive to the grocery store because their partner drank all the milk and didn't stop on the way home from work to replace it, complaining that nobody loves them when they either are truly a selfish ass hole, or don't call or make any effort to foster their relationshits.

The worst of all relationshits, are the pretend relationshits. You know the kind? They start off with a good friend. You get a long. You have some laughs, share some ideals (seemingly all), share some good food, and perhaps a brew (could be root beer) on the back porch swing on a sunny, spring weekend. Deemed the honeymoon phase by most. I call it the cotton candy in one hand and ice cream cone in the other, high up on the ferris wheel, whilst attending the State Fair at the age of 5. It just doesn't get much better than this moment right here.

Testing bounds. That's what it's about. Everybody has to test the bloody effing bounds of people. Some people knock the proverbial ball out of bounds, get it back with apology and try their very hardest not to cross the red/yellow murder tape again. Others have a different approach. They want to see exactly how far they can kick that textured, public school provided, generic, used-for-everything including, (but not limited to: dodge ball, wall ball, and kick ball) son of a bitch out of bounds, and get it back. They don't just want to see if they get it back either. They want it in the same shape it was in before they kicked it into the rose bushes of doom, or the highway of terror, semi trucks, and zero of those decadent, fat giving ice cream trucks! Gives me chills just thinking about it. *shudders* The people who tested the bounds too far end up on the news. Seriously, watch the news and just think to yourself, 'if they wouldn't have tested the bounds so far, would they have made the news tonight?'.

Sex. We all want it. 

How do we get it? Step one. Be attractive.

BTW, did you like that subtle change? I did. Because it so finely defines how it is living in a guys mind.


If you don't have step one, figure out a step two. For guys, it's usually money. For girls, it's usually a winning personality. I'm not saying this as a blanket statement. There might be other interpretations. (That means I addressed that you might have a different opinion than I do and that's fine, if you like being wrong. However, I did address it, acknowledged your feels, and stroked your ego with heavy lubricant, so clearly, there is no need to be an ass hole about it, OKAY?!!!)

There seems to be a lot of controversy over objectification. Not only is there controversy over doing the action, but even what it seems to be. In no way could I ever cover all aspects of the word. In no way am I interested in doing so. There are knives I could much more easily shove through my eyes, push ups I could do in salt with slit wrists (I could probably do like 5), or fire ant hills I could go sit on with my pants down. To make a short story long, the topic is broad and I don't have the time, nor the patience, and (if I'm getting truly honest), the capacity to discuss it all.

This is the topic for today: (I know this has been a bit discombobulated and disjointed. At least you don't have to live in my head everyday though. Count that as a blessing) 

Which is worse: To use someone for sex or use them for their 'existence'?

That seems like an easy answer, right? Let me define what I mean by 'existence' first and then make the call. Existence, (in this capacity) means what they are monetarily and physically worth. By using someone for 'existence' it should be assumed that they wouldn't ordinarily be considered a candidate to you, but because they can provide an easier AND and an elevated materialistic life to you,t hey have then become a such candidate.

Get it? Okay. Mark. Get set. Go!

I think this dynamic occurs in all spaces. I think society (myself included) think of one sex doing one particular behavior over another. For the purpose of avoiding sidebar, accusations, and having the same traditional arguments I'd like to keep the topic as gender neutral as possible. We all lose when we fall into the rut of 'gender role' or 'misogynistic' or 'feminist' based argument in my opinion. The reason being, when one party accuses the other of adhering to that party (and they other person might actually adhere to it) the assumption, or accusation of what the definition, role, or implications of that party is completely up for interpretation. 

Sooo.....let us try this on for size:

To use somebody for sex is wrong. To use somebody for their 'existence' is wrong. To test someone's bounds is wrong. This is my opinion, but I think it's one with which I think most would agree. Thusly, it creates a baseline for a the discussion.

If an individual A uses individual B purely for sexual gratification and nothing else individual A is perceived as the bad person in this scenario, right? Couldn't we all agree on that?

But, what  if we take a closer look at individual B's? Individual B doesn't mind the sex, but that's not the main reason sex is being given. It's being given because there are other things individual B is getting out of the exchange. These things could be gifts, vacations, money, services acquired, *AHEM* (not sexual ones you dirty people!).

I think we can all agree that this isn't a true relationshit. Not a long lasting one at this point. That's not the topic we are going for though.

The problem I have observed (personally and not) is that most people think it's so deplorable to use someone for sex. That you are treating that person as an object. I have seen time and time again the argument that, 'they just used you for sex' or 'I am NOT an object!'. I have also seen the argument made for 'they only used you for your car' or 'they only liked you because you paid for everything when you went out'.

Whichever is worse, I'm not sure. I feel both are shallow. How I see the world is this:

I see nothing wrong with people using someone for sex and treating them as an object if the other person in the relationshit is using them for the receipt of objects, services, or monetary means. Both are objectifying. Both are getting what they want in that moment. Neither of them are viewing the other as a human, an individual, someone they love. If a person wants to use you to get something they want and objectify you for what you can provide them, I see no problem in using them for sex and getting what you want out of them. (obviously this should be consensual sex) 

They are both objectifying each other. I'm tired of hearing that people 'only want me for sex' when they won't date anyone that isn't A. Good looking enough for them. or B. Doesn't have a metric shit ton of money and they let that vibe be very well known. I'm tired of people saying, 'they only wanted me for my money'. Stop enabling that person. Stop the money flow and see if they stay. Don't be the hero and see if they will still be yours. If you continue to give to the other person with the fear that if you stop giving or doing things for them, then you are as much a culprit as they are. You're no longer a victim at that point. Don't act like one.

The major question that lingers; Is it worse to use someone for their body, or all that someone is with the exception of their body?

Objectively, it's all objective.

~Kors Rex 

"The rawr has been rawred"